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Antique is the world’s leading online marketplace for the most beautiful things on earth. Antique continues to innovate and grow by developing a singular marketplace experience with dedicated services for dealers, designers and collectors around the world.

Happy Customers

Antique strengthens its presence in Europe by acquiring Onlinegalleries.com, the UK’s premier antiques portal

Fine Art Debuts

Antique expands to include dealers based in Paris, and adds the new category Fine Art, with a roster of top New York City

Curating the World's Investors

The Antique vision is further validated by two noteworthy events: an investment from Benchmark Capital

Setting a Higher Bar

Antique establishes the new categories Vintage Haute Couture, Designer Fashions and 21st Century Design & Editions.

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Our History Antique

In 2001, young, passionate, luxury real estate dealer Michael Bruno visited the historic Paris Marché aux Puces and found items of such beauty and authenticity, he was moved to purchase several for his own collection.

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Amazing Team Members


David Rosenblatt

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Antique, David Rosenblatt spends his time thinking about how to create the preeminent digital platform


Carmine Bruno

Managing Director, Europe

As Managing Director of Antique International, Carmine oversees all aspects of our European business, including local


Cristina Miller

Head of North American Dealer

Cristina oversees North American dealer relations at Antique, which includes the sales, account management and dealer


Adam Karp

Chief Marketing Officer

As Antique‘ CMO, Adam Karp is responsible for all marketing and communications including public relations

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